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Follow evangelist Chris Panos' thrilling adventures. Order Chris' books to support The Mission the Same and to get an understanding of how preaching the gospel can bring light into your life and the lives of others.

God's Spy Book Cover

God's Spy

In this classic life-changing story, Chris Panos, an American businessman turned evangelist, in James Bond fashion, brings the Gospel message into foreign lands. Reading like a movie script, God's Spy chronicles amazing and miraculous events made possible only through the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit. Read the full description here or order on Amazon for $9.95.

Double Agent Book Cover

Double Agent

Double Agent is a true-life account of a man, Chris Panos, yet it is also fiction. It is another bestseller in the making, which you'll come to learn when you won't be able to put the book down. It is a story of a man, a spy for God, who risked his life behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtain. Double Agent is a sequel to the bestseller God's Spy. Step forward into new heights when you read Double Agent, which features a unique style written for the crossover market. Why live a boring life when you can live a supernatural life? It will reveal KGB up-to-date duplicity and its secret technology used against the west. Order your copy on Amazon for $5.95.

She's a Lady Book Cover

She's a Lady

In She's a Lady, follow Earnestine Panos, a young Texas housewife, through the trials of living with an overambitious husband who ran after the riches of this world, only to find money and success empty. See how she loved him through kindness when he turned to alcohol as he sought solace from the bottle. When she was almost ready to give up, supernatural intervention gave her hope. Order your copy of She's a Lady here.

Dancing with Islam's Assassins Book Cover

Dancing with Islam's Assassins

Iran is covertly developing nuclear weapons. Also, the country is already testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America's technical infrastructure, effectively neutralizing the world's lone superpower, say U.S. intelligence sources, top scientists, and western missile industry experts. See how this book relates to the gospel with a thorough description here. Order on Amazon for $17.95.

Faith Under Fire Book Cover

Faith Under Fire

For a book on faith, buy Faith Under Fire. Order your book on Amazon to see why Pat Boone suggests it as a must-read.

How You Can Have A Miracle Ministry Book Cover

How You Can Have A Miracle Ministry

Every chapter in this book has a key of truth written in a unique style to help the reader or listener believe the Bible for greater miracles. Learn the "how to's" of a miracle ministry, both spiritual and mechanical, when you read this book. Read the full description here or order on Amazon for $5.95.

How You Can Become a Millionaire-Start Your Own City Book Cover

How You Can Become a Millionaire — Start Your Own City

Learn and then, teach how to make money spreading the Gospel of Christ. Read the full description here and order How You Can Become a Millionaire-Start Your Own City in hardback on Amazon for $24.95.