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Reviews Of Our Inspirational Books

Read what others had to say about inspirational books from Chris Panos, author and founder of The Mission the Same. Now, you can strengthen your Love of God through his stories.

She's A Lady: Mrs. Love Testimonials

"To Brother and Sister Panos, I read through Earnestine Panos book as it is well written. We love you and your family very much. Thank you for your friendship." — Joel Osteen, Preacher and Televangelist

"Earnestine, WE LOVE YOUR BOOK, She's a Lady. What an honor to know Chris and you! You guys have lived a glorious anointed life. I am expecting ladies worldwide will be challenged and changed as they read this book!" — Shirley and Pat Boone, American Singer and Actor

"She's a Lady is an exciting chronicle of the adventures of my close friend of many years, Earnestine Panos. It portrays the life of one of those rare Christian ladies who knows how to love you. She accepts you as you are. She is always the same through thick and thin, and will never betray a confidence. She has enhanced my life just by being my friend. She truly signifies JESUS. I believe every lady should read She's a Lady. It is packed full of the love of GOD. You will not be able to put the book down as you read how she passed out Bibles behind the Bamboo and Iron Curtain. Learn how she became known as Mrs. Love in India. This book will change your life. You will never be the same. Get ready for a surprise!" — Debra Paget, Star of The Ten Commandments

Dancing With Islam's Assassins Testimonial

"This End Time Book can save your life If you read one book this year? This is the Book!" — Pat B.

How You Can Become a Millionaire — Start Your Own City Testimonial

"Dear Chris, I am delighted to tell you that I am half way through reading your book; How can you become a Millionaire, and I am very much impressed. I will return to you when I have finish reading. This is a remarkable book." — Omar, His Worth: $200,000,000