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When you order one of Chris Panos' books, you are building your connection with God and helping The Mission the Same in Houston, Texas, spread the gospel, hold crusades, and get Bibles into other countries. We have traveled to Africa, India, Russia, and China, to bring Bibles to the people since Mao Zedong, former chairman of the Communist Party of China, was alive. Zedong died in 1976. Today, we preach the Gospel through a series of books, including the bestseller God's Spy by Chris Panos. People who are unsatisfied with their lives or seek meaning may find answers in our books. They will give you peace and understanding.

After reading the collection of books by Chris Panos, you'll feel inspired to travel the world and spread the message of the Lord and the Gospel of Christ. Before heading out into the world, it's important to find your own purpose first. We offer instructional CDs to help you learn how to pray, how to get answers, how to be led by the Spirit of God, and how to enter into a greater ministry. Start your journey with us by donating to our cause, receiving our CD sets, and finding a closer relationship with the Lord.

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About Chris Panos

Founder of The Mission the Same and author, Chris Panos, had an automobile accident and nearly died. It was during this traumatic experience that he came face-to-face with the Gospel and realized that his life was praying for him. He came to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. He followed his calling and started going to Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, and began preaching all over the world. Today, he shares how he came to a relationship with God in his life story, God's Spy.

Mission Statement

Mark 16:15: "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation." Our mission is to go throughout the world and preach the Gospel. Chris Panos Sr. has gone throughout the world on crusades, sneaking Bibles into countries to spread the word.

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